Though in its early stages, DriverAnywhere® Network is gaining a lot of popularity among the Limo Anywhere operators and is already powering nearly 600 small to mid-sized businesses worldwide. Here are some of their stories.

One late evening my customer emailed me to see if I could provide them a car service in New York the next morning at 04:00 a.m. Nervous about the short notice, I decided to try the DriverAnywhere Network system that was recently launched. I logged into my LimoAnywhere dispatch, entered the information as a reservation and in moments I had a quote to send to my client. No calls, no waiting, no extra emailing, just one simple step. After my client's approval of the rate I booked it with just a click. Immediately received the confirmation and a driver's number to pass to my client.

That morning I watched the dispatch to see if indeed the driver was on the way and yes the status changed at each point. It even warned me when wait time was beginning so that I could email my client and warn them, so that the extra charge would not take them by surprise. After the ride I reached out to my client to see how he rated the service and his response was "excellent as always". This system is a tremendous advancement for operators. Erica, Royal Star Limousine

I was hesitant about switching over to DA Net. So far we give the 5++++ Stars. It is so easy and fast to farm out. We do not have to call ahead to make sure there is availability or driver information. Our clients only need one number to connect with the driver. DA Net has definitely lightened the load. Our clients have been HAPPY and taken care of at a high level of service. You MUST try out DA Net. You won't want to go back to doing things the old way!!! Angela, La Class Transportation

We began using the new Driver Anywhere Network about 2 weeks ago now and are very pleased with both its performance and features! The communications between dispatchers on both ends, the driver and the passenger were seamless, and we are happy to report our clients were very satisfied with the service. We are excited to begin our journey into becoming a Nationally recognized car service provider thanks to the help of the DA Network and its ability to expand our target markets. Adam, Select Transportation

I began using DriverAnywhere Network days after it officially launched. I have booked a dozen jobs through the network and have been extremely pleased with the ease of the process. Rates are low enough in most cases that we are able to markup the rate and make some extra revenue without scaring the client away from booking through us. Love it, and will be using it more and more once we get the word out. Marco, Lynette's Limousine Service, Inc.

I was glad that Limo Anywhere came up with the DriverAnywhere Network solution. The process took literally 30 seconds to farm out a trip. I liked the idea that now I can take on more reservations beyond my base city and be confident that those clients will be taken care of. I was able to follow the status of the trips right on my screen, I even was able to follow the driver's location on GPS right within the Limo Anywhere software. I would definitely use the network again and now I am in the process of advertising to my clientele that we provide service in 40 markets. Moe, Crown Limousine & Car Service

I have used DA Net for several runs for my clients coming from Tampa to New York and New Orleans. I can say with great certainty that ALL of the runs went off without a hitch. The communication was fantastic the whole time. My Limo Anywhere Dispatch screen showed me everything up to the moment. I talked to each and every one of my clients after their runs, and they all had positive feedback about the experience. Even though DA Net is in its infancy stages, it is a very powerful tool for me as a Limousine and Car Service provider to not only assist my clients, but actually make a little profit doing it. David, Kings Executive Limo & Car Service

I recently signed up for Driver Anywhere Network. Since then some really great things have happened to my otherwise stagnate business. As my existing customers find out our new ability to book there work in other cities, we are receiving that work, and as clients talk with one another we are picking up new work from other companies we previously did not have, both in our area and from other cities in the network. Twenty years in the business and I’ve never been this excited. A firm that we have been servicing for 15 years called today after using our new system and raved about the service, their C.E.O. received while visiting New York on business. If I have any questions, the support I receive from Adam at Limos anywhere is stellar. I would encourage anyone who wants to hear it from the horse’s mouth to contact me. It’s been quite a while since I had something new to get behind, and grow my business. Incredibly, it’s free. Phil, Martini’s D.O.T Limousine

As a small operator in one of the largest markets in the industry, service and availability is everything for us to be able to attract and keep new clientele. One of the hardest decisions to make is to outsource your work to affiliates and be able to trust that they will be taken care of with the same care and importance that you would give if doing the trip yourself.

I am happy to be able to say that the DriverAnywhere Network has given me the confidence that when our clients are being serviced that the chauffeur and vehicle assigned will exceed my expectations. From booking to closing the process is simple and streamlined so that everything goes smoothly without error. DriverAnywhere is an amazing tool for any expanding operation. William, Bergen Black LLC

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