DriverAnywhere® App

DriverAnywhere is a free driver communication solution for the Limo Anywhere platform. Its primary purpose is to streamline and automate a lot of the manual tasks operators are faced with on a daily basis. With DriverAnywhere, you can allow your drivers to update reservation statuses as the ride progresses, log times such as "on location" or "customer in car", process payments, obtain electronic signatures from clients, log their trip related expenses and much, much more.

  • Vehicle Selection

    Drivers can select the vehicle they are assigned to

  • Push Notifications

    Drivers get updated every time they are assigned a new job or if there is a change

  • Trip Acceptance

    Drivers can accept or reject trips in real-time

  • Status Updates

    Drivers can keep dispatch up to date on status changes with a single screen tap

  • Time, Tolls & Parking Logging

    Drivers can log trip times and submit miscellaneous expenses electronically

  • Real-time Payment Processing

    Optionally, drivers can process credit cards on the spot

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